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School of International Education (SIE for short) & Foreign Affairs Office are important institutions in AnhuiMedicalUniversity(AHMU for short) for the improvement of international communication and education. As a key provincial university, AHMU has a profound understanding of international communication and cooperation, which is considered by SIE as the most important way to learn from advanced science, technology, culture and management experience, and to improve teaching and research ability.

While improving international communication and cooperation, SIE has made great achievements in various areas ranging from teaching and research ability to advanced management.

Through international communication and cooperation, SIE aims to cultivate highly qualified teaching faculties and teams of researchers with an international vision and international competitiveness. SIE carries out communication and cooperation among highly qualified talents of relevant subjects both at home and abroad.

In recent years, with the implementation of international cooperation strategy, large amounts of outstanding alumni came back from abroad and became adjunct professors in AHMU. Meanwhile, lots of famous experts and scholars were invited to AHMU to deliver lectures, to become visiting professors and to launch research cooperation. At the same time, some highly qualified teaching staff went abroad to win honor in relevant research fields for AHMU. Some of them have been in charge of some Asian and even international academic institutes. AHMU has established cooperation relationship with oversea universities including University of Ulm (Germany), University of Heidelberg (Germany), Hannour Medical University in Germany (Germany), University of Alberta (Canada), Mayo Clinic in USA (USA), University of Bari (Italy), University of Tasmania ( Australia), University of Queensland (Austalia), Newcastle University (Austalia), University of Surrey (UK), Chiba University (Japan), Karolinska Institute of Sweden (Sweden), Allergy Research Centre of Denmark (Denmark) and so on.

All the efforts made by SIE enlivened the academic atmosphere and improved the teaching and research ability of AHMU. In response to the concept of university internationalization and internationlized cultivation mode for students, SIE will further strengthen the work on recruiting oversea teaching staff and international students, so as to create an international academic atmosphere in AHMU.